Mom Works In Mysterious Ways

Mom’s viewing is set for later this afternoon, and while it will be sorrowful, it is nice to know mom is still looking over us. The picture above and below are from Friday night, hours after she passed away. It was one of those sunsets you occasionally see in the summertime, but not a common occurrence.

I just happened to pass by the window, saw the sight, and immediately called Julia over. Julia’s favorite color is pink, and while this may sound borderline insane, I think mom had a hand in this; as if she asked the Big Guy to paint us a scene for her passing.

I don’t know; maybe it’s a coincidence, but I believe otherwise.

I’ll have regular posts tomorrow morning.

6 thoughts on “Mom Works In Mysterious Ways

  1. Ronni – That message was probably, “Stop your blubbering and stand up straight!”

    TX Nick – Probably. It’s comforting to know she’s still around, and watching my children grow up.


  2. You will always have your mother with you. She raised you to be the man you are and you are passing that on thru your children.


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