The Fraud Is Real

In case you’re one of those people who believe voting by mail is totes secure and legitimate, the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan believe thousands of mail-in and absentee ballots will be rejected this November. Many of these rejections could swing the election.

Millions of voters plan to vote by mail amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and postal delays have been reported across the country. Rejection rates could be even more pronounced in urban areas where ballot rejection rates have been higher throughout the 2020 cycle.

Of the over 2.5 million ballots cast in Michigan’s August primary, approximately 10,000 absentee ballots were rejected, according to the Secretary of State. Over 60% of those rejected did not arrive in time to be tallied or were rejected due to a missing or non-matching signature, state data shows.

In Pennsylvania, another swing state, as many as 43,000 absentee ballots could be rejected compared to 2,100 in 2016, according to AP. Trump won the state by just over 43,000 votes four years ago.

The Biden campaign is continually pushing the vote by mail option, despite the fact it has already been shown to be rife with fraud and abuse. Why would they be so excited about mail-in voting? Because they’re actually rather good at circumventing the system with fraudulent ballots.

Look, the only way we can ensure a Trump reelection is to head to the polls and tell every conservative you know to head there too. We need to overcome the cheat factor, which will be astronomical this year.

5 thoughts on “The Fraud Is Real

  1. When Trump wins, we had better prepared for the dems NEVER accepting it! I don’t even want to think about the rioting, looting, burning and chaos that will prevail. I am also hoping the GOP retains control of the Senate.


  2. Ronni is on target. The Dems are psyching themselves up for contesting the election even if Trump sweeps 45+ states.

    For people who sniveled about how ‘Trump won’t accept a defeat’, they sure don’t seem inclined to take an electoral ‘no’ for an answer.


  3. I suggest we do what I plan on doing: vote in person. No matter how long the lines are and no matter how long it takes. I aim to be at the polling place before it opens on the first day of early voting.

    Y’all remember, Republicans vote on the 3rd of November. Democrats on the fourth.

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  4. Ronni – It was hilarious when Hillary said Trump won’t accept the election results, then whined about the election results through most of his term.

    Toastrider – See also: Russian Collusion hoax.

    Veeshir – I sincerely hope so – the win, I mean. The chaos? Charge them federally and maybe we’ll see some back off.

    TX Nick – I’m voting in person. They let us do it in May so I’m doing it in November.


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