UNH Student Shoots Breeze With Neighbor

Meet Brian Nguyen, a student at the University of New Hampshire.

Brian is well-versed in his constitutional rights, and owns a firearm. Practice makes perfect, and Brian was dry firing the pistol inside his apartment… with a loaded weapon.

Cripes, I thought Asian kids were brilliant.

A University of New Hampshire student was accidentally shot in the back when a bullet flew through the wall of her apartment on Thursday evening.

Durham police responded to The Lodges at West Edge at 5:38 p.m. for a report of a 22-year-old female victim who had been struck with an unknown projectile that entered her apartment through a wall adjacent to an apartment next door.

When they arrived, police found Brian Nguyen, 24, the woman’s neighbor, trying to provide first aid.

Well, Nguyen provided first aid, so all is forgiven.

Nguyen, also a UNH student, had accidentally discharged a handgun while he was in the process of dry firing it.

Now, I’m no detective, but I’m fairly certain dry firing a pistol is usually more productive when you don’t have a round in the f**king chamber! Never give a gun to someone who does not treat it as loaded, and especially never give a gun to a guy who has such a terrible haircut.

7 thoughts on “UNH Student Shoots Breeze With Neighbor

  1. Proof – Only until it exited the girl’s back.

    TX Nick – Who doesn’t check their firearm before pulling the trigger? Seriously, how is this dude in college?

    Ronni – Looks like Tiger Woods shot a divot into his head.

    Cathy – He doesn’t want to get the Wuhan Virus from his showerhead.


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