My Last Will And Testament

I, Wyatt Earp, being of somewhat sound mind and fabulous body, do hereby declare at the time of my passing, I have a fabulous Latin American babe twerking atop my coffin. I’m no lawyer, but I am reasonably certain a blog will is legally binding.

A video of an unexpected funeral celebration is making waves online. In the video, a group in an apparently Latin American country can be seen surrounding an outdoor casket. The wooden coffin is propped up on two motorcycles and wrapped in some kind of plastic. The short clip shows a woman, dressed in a black shirt and jeans, twerking atop the raised casket.

Over the course of just over twenty seconds, the woman grinds and gyrates in front of a celebratory crowd. Twice, she leans forward to plant a kiss on the glass covering between she and her loved one.

Find someone who loves you the way this woman loves twerking on coffins.

Oh, and guys, there is video of the twerking at the link. I’m sure you won’t check it out because of the solemnity of the funeral procession, but just in case…

11 thoughts on “My Last Will And Testament

  1. Not a bad departure. But my Lady is much too reserved to do that, so I’ll stick with my current way to go:

    Ice me down and cover me with cans of good beer. Have a sign on the lid that says, “Boys, the drinks are on me!”

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  2. OK I went and watched the video, for research purposes only. The guy with the big smile behind her, is he the one that killed the guy in the coffin? Or does he know this is just a show and the guy is really alive and living somewhere in Montana?


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