NYC Eateries Impose Coronavirus Fee

New York’s City Council – arguably the worst political body in America – has passed legislation which would allow the city’s restaurants to charge a 10% coronavirus fee to every bill.

Under a new bill passed Wednesday by the City Council, New York restaurants will be allowed to add up to a 10% charge onto customers’ tab. The bill passed on a 46-2 vote.

I see the destruction of New York City continues apace.

“The fee won’t be mandatory, and it can be any amount up to 10% of a food and drink bill. Restaurants’ permission to charge the fee will expire 90 days after the state allows full occupancy of eateries,” the New York Daily News reported. “Restaurant bills will have to be explicit about the amount of the charge and its purpose. Food trucks and restaurants that are part of national chains with 15 or more outlets will not be allowed to charge the fee.”

So not only will you pay the usual astronomical fees for a simple meal in the most expensive city on Earth, but you will also have the distinct pleasure of paying ten percent more… plus the obvious tip.

Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island, the bill’s sponsor, said the new fee will help restaurateurs who have been forced to close their businesses for months because of COVID-19 to recover. “This bill fundamentally is about saving the restaurant industry,” the New York Post reported.

In the interest of transparency, Joe Borelli self-identifies as a “Republican.” I assume he’s one of those Mitt Romney, John McCain, Lindsey Graham “Republicans,” since no real conservative would do something this tone deaf immediately after the country’s economy was decimated.

Now I’m not nearly as smart as the geniuses elected to New York’s City Council, but considering Bill de Blasio, et al, locked down the city, shuttered the restaurants, and bankrupted the citizens, maybe they shouldn’t screw them out of what little money the have left.

Maybe New York’s politicians can offer the city’s restaurants a payroll tax holiday? Perhaps they can offer incentives to eat downtown by offering customers free parking? Unless you make the trip worth their while, no one is going to patronize these restaurants knowing they must pay a corona virus fee.

10 thoughts on “NYC Eateries Impose Coronavirus Fee

  1. Do these things hate New York city? Please tell me what they hope to achieve. It makes no sense to this sane, at times, woman.


  2. TX Nick – No kidding. I’ve been there plenty of times – mostly for Rangers or Yankees games, but I won’t miss it. At all.

    Cathy – I have no idea. It’s as if they want more people to flee the city.

    Veeshir – I just wonder why implement this in the first place if you could easily help restaurants get back on their feet by cutting taxes, or letting them open to capacity. i assume many people will leave bigger tips, but the coronavirus fee is insulting.


    1. you could easily help restaurants get back on their feet by cutting taxes
      Okay, that’s funny.
      Every time tax revenues went down NY pols raised taxes. Which led to less in tax receipts. Which led to increased taxes. Which led to less in tax receipts. Which led to…..
      There’s a reason IBM, Oneida Silver, Corning, Carrier, GE and so many more left upstate NY.
      My town had IBM’s sales and tech support, they employed 5,000 people in an area where the largest city, Kingston, had 25,000 people. The area was full of industries that supported IBM, like Rotron who made fans and chiller stuff for computers. In the 80s IBM left which took all the ancillary businesses.
      In the 80s there were many people making $80k+, now the best job in that town is manager of Home Depot.


      1. I never assumed they would do it, mostly because you’ll never get someone as forward thinking. But at this point, I think NYC is dying, and the businesses and people aren’t coming back. I think de Blasio still believes they will, but the lack of goodwill toward businesses and citizens alike means Billy Boy will be governing barren streets and empty stores.

        The worst part is most of those leaving will still vote for people like de Blasio, but this time in red states.


  3. I did a six month contract for GE Schenectady back in the 1990’s. Every two months our department had to move to a different building. After the second move, I was curious enough to ask “why.” The county had a tax on all the buildings, and GE was tearing them down and either transferring or laying off employees.

    I also noticed quite a few older buildings that had the windows bricked up. The county had a tax on the number of windows on buildings.

    I think Jack Welch, before he retired, finally shut down Schenectady operations, or at least substantially curtailed them.

    I felt a bit sad that some history was lost there. Thomas Edison had walked the same floors as I did.


  4. It’s truly astonishing that a Republican would have no understanding of basic economics. I grant you, this is a New York Republican, which puts him slightly to the right of V.I. Lenin.

    People think there’s a disconnect between micro-economics and macro-economics, but it’s really just scale. The theories are legit for both small and large.

    You have an allowance of a dollar a week. Each week you buy a candy bar, your favorite, that costs a dollar. Government action leads to the store raising the price of the candy bar by ten cents. You now have to wait two weeks to buy one candy bar. However, there’s a different candy bar on sale for 75 cents, and it’s almost, but not quite as good as the $1.10 candy bar. You know what happens.

    You own a $100 million dollar company selling a widget that costs you a dollar to produce. You make a 10 percent margin on every widget sold. Government action leads to a tax which makes producing a widget $1.10, reducing your margin to zero. The next state over does not have the tax and your accountant says there’s a vacant widget factory you could acquire.

    Choices: stay and raise the price of your widget, which will probably depress sales. Leave and continue to produce your widget for the same cost. Both actions have an effect that leads to some of your workers losing their job. The only constant is government action.

    Is anyone in government paying attention anymore? How do they think reality works? Do they think they can change it with their words or their edicts?


  5. Oh, Oh, I know. Kaiser Bill is hoping the feds will step & build a nice big wall around NYC. With towers every 20 feet & all the bad guys in the country will be sent there. Unfortunately, the Duke of NY (he’s A #1) passed away a while back.


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