What Happens When 911 Doesn’t Answer?

I’m certain most of you are sick and tired about hearing the plight of the citizens in Minneapolis, but when I saw this post, I wanted to comment on it. A business owner sent an email to the commander of the city’s 3rd Precinct, claiming his employees are too frightened to come to work. The business owner – Craig Paulson – received this reply.

The owner of Pedego Electric Bikes sent an email to the local Police Chief saying that his employees are too frightened to come to work now. The answer he received was none too reassuring.

“As far as a long-term plan I don’t have one. I have lost 30% of my street officers since the end of May. Budget cuts from COVID-19 and an additional 1.5 million from the council in August we have let go 17 CSO’s and canceled a recruit class of 29. A potential Cadet class slated for January of 2021 was also eliminated. It takes about a year to get a police Officer onto the streets with hiring, backgrounds and field training so reinforcements aren’t coming anytime soon. We are doing everything we can with what we have. I hate to see great businesses like yours and the rest of your corridor being victimized and feeling unsafe. Please let me know if you have any more questions.”

This is what defunding the police looks like. The Minneapolis Police Department has been effectively gutted, at least compared what it was before May 25th. Thirty-percent of that precinct’s officers are gone – likely retired, quit, or were transferred – seventeen community service officers were furloughed, and there are no plans for any new cadets in the foreseeable future.

This is just for one of five precincts, so you can assume those numbers are much higher.

They don’t have a long-term plan. Reinforcements are not on the way. How would you feel if you received a message like that from the police? This sounds more like the script for a war movie about a hopelessly trapped platoon than a news report about a municipal police force.

It’s easy to dunk on Minneapolis, its politicians, and their inability to deal with Antifa and BLM terrorists, but there are some good people in these neighborhoods. Many of them never wanted this, and many of them are unable to just pull up stakes and move out. These people are going to suffer solely because they live in a city whose leaders embrace burnings, lootings, and murder.

Adding to their woes in this part of the city is the fact that the 3rd Precinct doesn’t even have a police station. The rioters burned it to the ground in May.

Well yeah, that’s not ideal. Look, I’d be lying if I said I worry about my city, because I don’t. At all. I am on the downswing of my career, and the second I retire I’m gone – hopefully somewhere very far south and very politically red. My city is only slightly less f**ked up than Minneapolis. We have a leftist mayor, a leftist city council and a Soros-appointed D.A. Every one of these toads voted to swipe $33 million from the department’s annual budget. We aren’t filling any academy classes because 1. we don’t have the money, and 2. because no one wants this job anymore. Can’t say I blame them.

I guess my overall specific point is this: if you live in a blue area, this will eventually come to your city or town. While we can truthfully say, “Pfft, they get what they vote for,” it would be wise to not get complacent. This can (and likely will) happen in cities and towns all across the nation, and the color of your state won’t matter one bit.

As for the leftists who applaud these actions, I can only offer you this: eventually you’ll need police services, and if those services do not arrive in time, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

(Big thanks to Misanthropic Humanitarian for the link at AOSHQ)

20 thoughts on “What Happens When 911 Doesn’t Answer?

    1. I really love my 10mm. I just bought 1000 rounds of once fired brass and oodles of bullets for reloading. Plenty of powder and primers already in stock, so I’m good to go with that one. Recently began teaching a couple ladies who I worked with to shoot handguns. Started out with a single action .22 LR. They were really having a lot of fun. Nothing like seeing a first time shooter’s smile. Brought my James Bond gun with me, too because I hadn’t shot it for a couple years and wanted to get a little practice in. The cute chicks fell in love with it and burnt through all the ammo that I brought. Now that’s all that they want to shoot. Picked up two more .380 ACP in a couple auctions recently at a decent price. Now the girls won’t have to wait their turns at the next range session……………

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  1. Minneapolis was the closest major city to us when we lived up north. Even 5 years ago we were warned against going there – I don’t even want to imagine what it’s like now. Yikes.


    1. Almost moved there back in 1985. That’s where our corporate HQ was located and they wanted me to transfer to the lab out there. Never really regretted turning them down, but now I’m really glad that we stayed in SW PA………….


    1. I am glad that I live in a relatively conservative city in the suburbs of a nut bar city. We still value the police even though our state believes in no punishment for criminals.
      And Mike, I am thinking a 240Bravo might be an appropriate carry for some of these cities.


  2. Sad. I had occasion to do a charity walk- I mean run, it was a run, honest- through Minneapolis years ago. It freaked me out just a bit because the houses looked just like the burned-out ruins I used to drive by when I had to go through Detroit to get to work.

    But they weren’t burned out and people were living in them!! It was like visiting an alternate reality where Detroit never became- well, our Detroit.

    Alas, now those houses are going to be abandoned and Minneapolis will become a city of ruins.

    Shrug. Glad I don’t live or work near either place.


  3. Ronni – The most disgusting part is the politicians just gave their city over to the mob. They all should be prosecuted.

    Xenaddy = By year’s end it may look like Detroit or Baltimore, and honestly, Detroit and Baltimore got that way after decades of Democrat politicians and policies.


  4. How loudly do you think the city council will start screaming when their “best friends” (aka BLM & Antifa) start going into THEIR ritzy neighborhoods? About as loudly as the mayor in Seattle did?


  5. “I hate to see great businesses like yours and the rest of your corridor being victimized and feeling unsafe. Please let me know if you have any more questions.”

    Yeah, Captain, I have one more question: if I and my fellow business owners organize an armed neighborhood watch to protect our businesses, will you also not show up to arrest us when we exercise our right to self-defense? Or will this be another case of “unequal treatment under the law”?


  6. Snelson – I’ve been hearing rumors that the PD has been taking a hands-off approach to these instances. Now obviously the politicians will side with the rioters, I’ve been hearing the PD is much more relaxed on the subject.

    Of course, your mileage may vary from officer to officer.


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