Women Drivers, Amirite?

A Connecticut woman took out a brand new performance car on a test drive, and she decided to put the vehicle through its paces. The paces included going 100 mph on Interstate 395.

A woman who was test-driving a new car crashed after traveling over 100 miles per hour on Interstate 395 in Norwich, according to troopers.

The 30-year-old driver admitted to troopers that she was driving at a high speed because she wanted to test the capabilities of the car. The woman suffered minor injuries in the crash. She was summoned to court for reckless driving and for failing to maintain lane.

Troopers are warning drivers to always obey posted speed limits and other traffic laws, especially when operating a vehicle you are unfamiliar with.

Look, I get you want to see how the vehicle performs, but maybe not on the Interstate… during the day… going 100 mph. If I were one of the troopers, I’d make this bint walk home.

5 thoughts on “Women Drivers, Amirite?

  1. From the looks of those pictures, she’s lucky she only had minor injuries. We all have things we are good at doing….hers is definitely not driving at high speeds. I got my one and only speeding ticket at age 60. The young guy who pulled me over came up and asked for my license, saw my age, commented on the fact that I have handicap plates and knocked 10 mph off the ticket and said “Under different circumstances, I would say, you go, girl!” I got charged for going 74mph in a 65 mph zone.


  2. This sort of thing is commonplace in CA, except for being pulled over. Speeders are ignored on downtown streets by the police, and the CHP regularly only responds to accidents or construction zones on freeways and expressways. When they decide it’s time to enforce speeds, they announce the locations and times of day that they will be enforcing. It’s a joke.


  3. Took me until about 35 before I quit speeding. It is too expensive. It is, however, a lot of fun to be speeding behind somebody, with your red lights flashing and siren wailing. Since I had a bad habit, I never ever gave anyone a ticket unless they were going at least 20 over, but that was a a city policeman, on city streets, where the max speed limit was 35. My idea of speeding was kind of like the above young lass, but in the wide open spaces of the west, where before the oil embargo of the 70’s there were no speed limits. Even now, interstate speed limits have increase in many western states. Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and I think Arizona, all have 80mph speed limits on the interstate. I don’t exceed the limit anymore, but I sure see a lot of people passing me by at least 20 over when I’m going 80.


  4. If she wanted to test the car, she should have gone to west Texas on I-10. Speed limit 85, and I was doing 90 (in my little red Jeep!), got passed by a Texas State Trooper, among other vehicles. Mostly straight, flat road to El Paso, give or take a couple of mountains.


  5. Ronni – Not bad. considering.

    Mike47 – Doesn’t mean that much when the drivers know you’re there.

    RG – I was doing between 75=85 driving to the Outer Banks. Some speed limits are 70, so everyone goes at least 75.

    TX Nick – The Texpress is also a good time. We were doing 80, easy, and people were blowing by us like we were parked.


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