This Woman Is A Real Piece Of Shite

A Maine woman – pictured at right – has apparently been defacing Trump lawn signs and vandalizing the homes of people who support the president. Oh, when I use the word “defacing” in this case, it’s not what you would expect.

Maine police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a woman who has taken her displeasure with Donald Trump and his supporters to a gross extreme.

The suspect, cops say, has recently been defacing Trump lawn signs in Hampden, a town outside Bangor. In addition to scribbling negative comments on the signs, the woman has also placed dog feces in the mailboxes of the Trump supporters.

As seen in the above photo, the masked woman was seen pedaling a lilac-colored bicycle while wearing lilac-colored Crocs, blue shorts, and a purple top.

Imagine being so offended by a political yard sign that you have to leave dog feces in someone’s mailbox? Normally I would simply call for her arrest, but in this case, I am rooting for a resident to punch this bitch’s lights out.

UPDATE: A minor girl was identified as the perpetrator by the Hampden Maine police.

11 thoughts on “This Woman Is A Real Piece Of Shite

  1. Did you see the video of the woman so caught up flipping off Trump supporters that she crashed her car into the vehicle in front of her?


  2. Except for mailmen and residents with outgoing mail, putting anything in a mailbox is a federal offense. I can’t put a letter to you in your mailbox.
    I hope they prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.
    For too long lefties have been attacking non-lefties with impunity.


  3. In my walks around my neighborhood, I am beset by all the “In this house, we believe…” signs, virtue-signaling a list of lefty “values.” Then, of course, the Black Lives Matter talisman signs, designed to ward off rioters and point them to the next house in line. Finally, there are one or two Biden signs, which make me stare at the houses, thinking, “What kind of crazy person lives there?”

    I have had my fantasies about defacing or destroying these signs, or placing Post-It Notes on them. “To Whom?” for the BLM signs and “Vote for Trump” on the signs saying “What are we going to do with OUR breath?” (Either that or “Not take a lethal dose of fentanyl.”)

    But eventually I get around to the fact that those signs are someone else’s property, displayed on their land, and that they have the right to say what they want under the First Amendment.

    Ironic that this woman and so many more never get to that realization.

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  4. Veeshir – Agreed. You see people getting hit with federal offenses, this garbage will slow down significantly.

    Mitch – In southeast PA, we see the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs, which are hilarious, because most people who put that on their lawn hate Trump and hate his supporters. But hey, if it makes you feel good inside, knock yourself out.

    TX Nick – Yep.


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