Vatican Denies Pompeo Audience With Pope

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requested an audience with Pope Francis this week, but was denied by Vatican officials. I’m sure the Pope is just really busy this week. Or something.

Two officials for the Vatican announced Wednesday that Pope Francis had denied U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s request for an audience, and shared concerns Pompeo’s visit would be an effort to get the Vatican to denounce China ahead of a deal between the Vatican and Beijing.

In fairness, it’s not the Vatican’s job to address human rights issues…

The Vatican’s two top diplomats, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Foreign Minister Archbishop Paul Gallagher told Reuters that Pope Francis had denied the request for a meeting as part of a Vatican policy to avoid meeting politicians ahead of elections. Both officials said they were also surprised by remarks Pompeo made at an event hosted by the U.S. embassy to the Holy See, in which he denounced China’s record on religious freedom ahead of Vatican plans to renew an agreement with Beijing on the selection of Chinese bishops.

China literally created concentration, er, “re-education” camps for Muslims, but I guess this pales in comparison with the selection of Chinese bishops.

Parolin, explaining the decision to deny Pompeo’s meeting request, said, “Yes, [Pompeo] asked. But the pope had already said clearly that political figures are not received in election periods. That is the reason.”

Hmm, that’s interesting, because I’m fairly certain there will be Chinese political figures running the agreement with the Vatican.

You know, I am arguably the worst Catholic in America, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s this: Pope Francis is a leftist who is cares more about keeping Catholics “woke” than he is about atrocious human rights violations.

7 thoughts on “Vatican Denies Pompeo Audience With Pope

  1. I tweeted this a little earlier today. Maybe you can tell me how much heat I’m going to catch because of it:

    Full disclosure: I am not a Catholic, but it seemed to me with the current Marxist in the Vatican & apostate “Catholic” politicians, I looked for a term stronger than

    “Catholic in Name Only”.
    For your consideration:

    CHUD: Catholic Hypocritically Undeniably in Denial*
    *Or Damned


  2. The biggest problem I have with the Vatican is that it tries to be both a church and a state, and it does a p*ss-poor job at both. Maybe if they paid more attention to basic religious doctrine instead of self-aggrandizing pomposity, perhaps they could get their act together.


  3. Mike AKA Proof – Denial will work just fine. I’m Catholic and I have a lot of problems with the Church and the Pope. I’d say that’ll send me to Hell, but I wasn’t going to the Pearly Gates anyway.

    Mike47 – The Vatican nowadays attacks American Catholics more than any other group. It’s like we’re all Orange. Man. Bad.


  4. I was an off again/on again Catholic, but as long as this idiot is in charge, I think I’ll just stay away. How fast the church has fallen since JPII.


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