President, First Lady Positive For Covid

Yes, I realize this story is already old news, but President Trump and the First Lady have been tested positive for the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

While this is a significant news story, it has been somewhat upstaged by the reaction of leftists and NeverTrumpers.

But I repeat myself.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus [Friday] night, and the response from the left has been exactly what you’d expect.

It was just hours after conservatives sent an outpouring of love and support to left-leaning TV personality and model Chrissy Teigen following her miscarriage that conservatives received a stark reminder that the same kindness will never be extended to us from our political opposition.

World leaders and Joe and Jill Biden sent their condolences to President Trump – but the pundit class was too busy dancing with glee to do anything of that sort.

Credit to the Bidens for not taking the low road. The same cannot be said of others…

And here we go…

Former Obama White House Staffer and Clinton National Spokeswoman Zara Rahim tweeted that she hopes Trump dies.

I expect nothing less from an acolyte of people who let Americans die in Benghazi.

Congressional candidate Steve Cox also voiced a pro-death view.

I have no idea who Steve Cox is, and I doubt anyone else does.

CNN took the low road, describing the diagnosis as payback for Trump calling the virus a hoax, even though any self-respecting journalist would know that Trump never called the coronavirus a hoax, he called the talking point that he wasn’t taking it serious a hoax.

Yeah, when I think about disgusting people, credibly accused sexual predators Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are the first to come to mind.

You can see all the quotes at the link if you’d like. Most of the quotes are pretty repellent. For my part, I’m going to use this. I’m going to use it to remember how despicable these people are, and I am going to gleefully jam it up their ass on November 3rd. I’m done with these people. Democrats have demonstrated we cannot peacefully coexist with them, so I’m out.

These people are my enemy, and they want us dead. It would be prudent to remember that.

12 thoughts on “President, First Lady Positive For Covid

  1. I contemplated the left’s reaction for sometime, wondering if my reaction would be similar if the Hildebeast, Obama, Pelosi, or a lengthy list of others were in the same position. Perhaps I might express a similar sentiment privately, but I certainly wouldn’t say so publicly, especially if I held an office in which I’d taken an oath to serve and protect my country and the citizens therein.

    I have all sorts of rude remarks available at the drop of a hat for these leftist tools, but the simple fact is, it’s very sad that the live lives filled with so much hatred. I don’t like it, but the hatred destroys them far more than it does the target of their hatred. They are pitiful and shallow people.

    As enemies of free people everywhere, I have no problem fighting them in any way possible. The goal of war (we ARE in a war with them) is the complete and total removal of their ability to wage war against us. I’m all for that.

    I have a sister-in-law who is this kind of vile, hateful leftist. Her entire life is one of hate and anger. Seeing it up close and personal is enough to have me running the other way as fast as possible, but I do pity her living a life filled with so much negativity.


  2. I am not surprised at the response from the Trump haters. I expected it. I can say as much as I dislike the other side and their beliefs, I would never wish death on any of them. I will fight them to the end. Their death will come sooner then they realize and they will have to answer for their actions.


  3. RG – Imagine being so angry all the time, especially about politics? When RBG died, I was on Ace of Spades and while some commenters were suggesting she was going to Hell, I replied, “God forgives us. I think she’ll make it to Heaven, but she’ll have to answer a lot of questions.” I think my mom’s passing made me slightly more mellow.

    TX Nick – Wow, that says so much about leftists, and they don’t even know it.

    Ed – Agreed. I can hate them, but I wouldn’t celebrate their death. Even leftists have families who love them.


  4. Trump has got to win! I have been working on disgusting ways to rub it into my sisters face. Can’t take the hate spewing from her mouth. It has gotten so bad that I am moving out & she can find someone else to take care of her. The hate from the left is breaking up families.


  5. Cathy – A few years ago when I was on FB, a close college friend “unfriended” me after I posted a few conservative articles. She’s a professor at University of Illinois Chicago, and bluntly told me we can’t be friends and she can’t have people see my posts on her page.

    We worked on the school paper together for four years. We went to her father’s funeral, but I can’t be her friend because she disagrees with my politics.


  6. My ex-husband’s 2nd ex wife posted a cartoon on FB of the debates with Trump wearing a KKK hood. One of her friends made a “you’re better than this” comment & she replied that she thought it was funny. I asked her if it would’ve been as funny if it was Biden & pointed out that he was friends with Byrd. Haven’t heard anything back.


    1. I can’t find the meme I got the other day, but I remember it pretty well. I’m thinking TXNick sent it to me, so maybe he has it still.

      “Voting for Biden because you hate Trump is like eating dog shit because you don’t like broccoli.”

      Sounds like many of us this could send this to multiple people in our lives.


      1. RNG, that was on the ANTZ-IN-PANTZ blog. I think you post there. And, nope, I didn’t sent it to you. October 2nd.

        I see you and that fish, Dory, have the same problem. Me too. I had to look for it in several websites.


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