Weeding Out The Dullards

This beautiful piece of Heaven is Constance Ann Polk of Florida. Constance was just sitting in her car, minding her own business, when an officer stopped by to see if she was okay. Luckily for everyone involved, Constance was more than okay.

According to papers from Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, a police officer spotted a woman sitting alone in a car at around 8am on Sunday morning.

The woman, later identified as Wildwood resident Constance Ann Polk, told a sheriff’s deputy that she was in possession of cannabis and asked him if he would like to join her in smoking it.

“(Polk) stated that she was in possession of marijuana and asked if I would like to smoke it with her.,” the deputy wrote.

The story doesn’t note Constance’s age, but I’m guessing she’s what, 23, 24?

5 thoughts on “Weeding Out The Dullards

  1. Never offer a cop weed.
    They don’t need your cheap reefer, they have access to the evidence locker, they can get the good stuff!


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