Kroger Kriminal Kicked To Kurb

Meet Cora Hennig of Nashville, Tennessee.

Cora is a lonely, bored housewife with nothing to do all day but sit and drink. Cora doesn’t drink alone, however; she heads to the local Kroger’s where she lets shoppers enjoy the full Cora experience.

40-year-old Cora Hennig was charged with public intoxication after police responded to a brawl at Kroger and she blatantly admitted to drinking.

Whoa, this chick is only forty? Good lord woman, dial it back a bit!

On September 21st, Metro Nashville Officers responded to Kroger located at 800 Monroe Street in reference to Cora Hennig fighting with another individual.

When police arrived both parties denied fighting, but Cora freely admitted to drinking. Officers observed she had slurred speech, red watery eyes, and was unsteady on her feet. According to the affidavit, Cora is drunk daily on Kroger’s property or in that general area.

Readers, take a note. If I decide to move to Tennessee, make sure I steer clear of Nashville.

7 thoughts on “Kroger Kriminal Kicked To Kurb

  1. Wyatt, do I need to remind you to post some hot babe’s photo on this type of story? This photo and the one below are enough to start me drinking at 6 AM.

    BTW, she looks like she has that furniture disease. Her chest fell down to her drawers.


  2. I was going to say she looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet but………… way is any guy going near that hot mess.


  3. Doc – Just carry a baseball bat when you go to Kroger.

    Cathy – Yeah, my standards are often pretty low, but… NOPE.

    Ronni – Some horses may, though.


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