Speaking Of Fire Trucks…

Quite a few Florida residents did not receive their packages this week after a FedEx truck caught fire. Of course, since it’s Florida, the packages likely contain marijuana, sex dolls, and throwable pizzas.

Lauderhill Fire Department is on the scene of a truck fire in the 2800 block of Northwest 56th Avenue.

LFD has reported that no one was injured in the post on its Twitter account that included the photo of a FedEx truck fully engulfed in flames at 2:26 p.m.

FedEx: When it absolutely, positively has to burn there overnight.

5 thoughts on “Speaking Of Fire Trucks…

  1. Wyatt, my first boss told me once that her youngest daughter (when she was little) couldn’t pronounce certain words correctly & really had trouble with the letters TR…usually, she’d replace them with the letter F. And to make it really funny, she had 3 older hell raising brothers, who loved to get her to try to say Fire Truck.

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