Where’s Barry?

The 2020 Presidential Election is less than three weeks away, and many Joe Biden supporters are wondering when King Putt is going to hit the campaign trail. Good luck with that.

If you’re a Democrat running for president, you’ve got one guy who knows an awful lot about winning the White House — Barack Obama.

Obama, who was 47 in 2008 and hadn’t even completed his first term in the Senate, crushed two Republicans — Sen. John McCain and Sen. Mitt Romney. Obama beat the late Arizona senator in the Electoral College 365-173, then thumped the now-Utah senator 332-206.

So that raises the question: Where’s Obama?

My guess is he’s lying in bed with Reggie Love, waiting for Michelle to bring in more lube.

There are now fewer than three weeks to go before Election Day, and a handful of states — as usual — will decide the victor on Nov. 3 (or maybe weeks later). But Obama isn’t in Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania or Ohio or Florida, stumping for his former vice president Joe Biden.

His absence is so conspicuous that Team Biden felt the need to address the issue.

“President Obama plans to hit the trail soon, in addition to all the other activities he’s undertaken all year in support of electing VP Biden — as he’s said, we all have to do everything we can to win on November 3,” an aide to the former president told ABC News.

This sounds like spin to me. If the SCOAMF wanted to propel Joe Biden to the presidency, he would be pounding the pavement for him. As it stands, Obama didn’t even endorse his former Vice-President during the Democratic primaries!

For years there have been rumors Obama was never a fan of Biden, but he needed Slow Joe to get elected. Obama didn’t respect him, and threw his support in 2016 to Hillary Clinton of all people.

There’s a reason why Obama isn’t campaigning for Joe Biden; it’s because Obama doesn’t care.

9 thoughts on “Where’s Barry?

  1. Cathy – I figured they were so shriveled he forgot he had them… even though they’re very very small.

    Veeshir – Maybe he should cozy up to coke fiend Hunter?

    TX Nick – I mean, it’s basically free money, and Obama is likely dumber than Hunter.

    Mike47 – I’d like to think so, but this is a turnout election. If conservatives don’t come out in numbers, we’ll lose thanks to the cheating factor.


  2. Ronni – Apparently he allowed members of Burisma to listen in on a conference call regarding Biden and Ukraine. But not a smidgen of corruption. Or something.


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