Who Doesn’t Like Bubbles?

If I am going to be brutally honest, I never liked actress Sofia Vergara. Yes, she’s gorgeous, and yes her body is amazing, but I simply cannot get past her voice. She’s like Charo without the volume control. That said, I saw this on Fox and figured, why not post some eye candy for the rubes, er, readers.

The 48-year-old “Modern Family” star posted a series of throwback photos from her 2015 Vanity Fair cover shoot during which she posed nude in a bathtub with only bubbles covering her body. The images were shot by iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Vergara is currently a judge on “America’s Got Talent” which pays her a reported $10 million per season.

In fact, Forbes said Vergara was the highest-paid actress in the world this year. The Colombian native made a reported $43 million from her TV salary and various endorsement deals.

Again, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. The woman has a voice which would shatter diamonds, but she is the highest paid actress on Earth? Is there something I’m missing here?

6 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Like Bubbles?

  1. RG – Ear buds, so you can listen to music while you’re, uh, exercising.

    Mitch – That’s freakin’ poetry, man.

    TX Nick – Yes, but that in and of itself doesn’t make her a good actress. I mean, it helps, but…


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