Late To My Own Anniversary

My rotating shift has finally come back around to weekends off. The way our schedule works, we get weekends off every four months, so the family enjoys when I’m home.

Personally, I hate weekends off. When I’m off during the week, I can get more things done. The kids are in school, the stores aren’t crowded, and I can do what I need to do quickly and painlessly. Friday and Saturday weren’t terribly busy this time, but Friday was consumed with a raging migraine, and Saturday found me helping Mrs. Earp rearrange the kitchen and moving a large chest of drawers into the garage.

All those busybody events – plus a trip to the gym – consumed my day, and I completely forgot yesterday marked twenty-six years as a police officer. Normally I wouldn’t even bother mentioning this, but it’s effectively the beginning of the end. I filled out my DROP paperwork yesterday, it’ll be sent out tomorrow, and in four years, I’ll be able to leave this job forever.

Truth be told, I’m feeling melancholy about it, if only because this is all I’ve done for nearly thirty years. Finding a new job will be a frightening proposition, because this job has been relatively safe – at least until the June riots. Despite the True Detective Stories, I still enjoy what I do, but the job has changed; as has people’s perspective of policing.

I could have stayed longer, but in the past seven months, I have seen far too many coworkers losing their careers – or being arrested – for simply doing their job. The insane minority controls the narrative in America, and the politicians kowtow to their every whim. Thanks, but no thanks.

16 thoughts on “Late To My Own Anniversary

  1. Think about running a call center.
    You’ll have a bunch of Diegos working for you and the joy of dealing with angry people made angrier by dealing with Diegos who don’t help them because their script doesn’t cover actually helping anyone.
    It’d be as if you never left!
    Of course, there will be fewer opportunities to shoot someone who deserves it, but you take the good with the bad.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – Good grief don’t make me older than I already am!

    Veeshir – I mean I’m really partial to the shooting thing, but I’m also partial to upper management…


  3. Last year, I said 7 more years. Then in January, I went & got my #’s from the retirement board. July 31th, 2020 wasn’t enough, March 27th 2021 was $300 more & waiting until the end of next June was only $84 more a month. So I’m done the end of next March. Now comes the fun part, finding someone that’s willing to take responsibility for reporting almost $30 million a month in welfare benefits (that’s just the county I work in).


  4. MelP – The city’s DROP program stops any raises and/or monetary benefits for four years. After the four, you get a bulk check of the money you weren’t getting. My check will be nice, but it takes three months for pension money to start being doled out.

    Honestly, most of my retirement will be from the Deferred Compensation Plan I joined when I was hired., so when the city goes bankrupt, I’ll still be okay financially.

    Mike47 – Philly may as well relocate to California.

    TX Nick – I honestly don’t understand blue cities. They have run Philly for seventy years and the city has gotten progressively worse. I mean, I get the “free stuff” angle, but the city is collapsing around them.


      1. Dan Bongino mentioned this a month of so ago. He said sure, Trump won’t likely win California, but no GOP candidate has bothered to even visit there in years. What’s the harm in going out there and holding rallies?


        1. And the people of CA are pretty pissed off, so Trump may have a chance. Did you hear that Disneyland is laying off 28,000 employees?


    1. And here I am working at 70. I figure as long as my cognition is good and I can do my job and continue to learn new things….might as well keep on enlarging my retirement account.


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