A Different Kind Of Water Slide

Some enterprising Japanese businessmen have created a new theme park in Tokyo’s Kabukicho prefecture. However, instead of building bumper cars, this theme park is chock full of humper cars.

An adult film company in Japan has opened a five-story ‘adults only’ theme park in the heart of Tokyo’s red light district, with various attractions staffed by professional porn stars.

The D-Cups and the Tilt-A-Girl come highly recommended.

The attraction in Tokyo’s Kabukicho nightlife district was designed by adult film producer Soft on Demand and is called SOD Land.

I sincerely doubt anything is soft at this theme park… except maybe the boobs.

The company has dubbed the porn star-staffed theme attraction in Japan an “amusement park for adults.” Each floor of the park has a different theme for the 18 years or older clientele.

The food is apparently very good here, but steer clear of the Crab Rang-poon.

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