Someone Give This Guy A Hand

The Maryland State Police had an exciting evening recently, after a pickup truck slammed into one of their police cruisers. The driver was allegedly intoxicated, but he also had some other issues.

Last Friday at 1:55am, firefighters arrived at the scene of a DUI crash involving a Maryland State Police cruiser and a building.

A Chevy pickup struck the police SUV first, and then headed right into a East Coast Investments office building.

At that point police apprehended the driver of the pickup, Dayton James Webber of Charlotte Hall, who just happened to be a quadruple amputee.

One wonders what the offender’s defense could possibly be. “Yes sir, I realize I have no limbs, but I really thought I could competently drive my truck after drinking a twelve-pack of Budweiser.”

8 thoughts on “Someone Give This Guy A Hand

  1. Funny they decided to name the driver, right? They probably had to, so everyone didn’t think his name was Bob (if he was in a pool) or Matt (if he was at the front door).


  2. Mike AKA Proof – You throw him in the trunk?

    TX Nick – And lost it soon afterward.

    Mitch – We’re all going to Hell.

    RG – A very large straw.


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