Inktober Part Three

Continuing along with Julia’s Inktober challenge, Day 7’s prompt was “Fancy,” and since her new favorite movie of all time is “The Greatest Showman,” she decided to draw the two main male characters in their tuxedos.

Seriously, the girl watches this film almost every day; it’s an obsession. She always asks me to watch it with her, but since the male character is Hugh Jackman, I assure her I will watch it when Jackman’s adamantium claws come out and he starts slashing people like they’re Walmart’s low prices.

She did not appreciate my sentiments.

The Day 8 prompt was “Teeth,” so Julia went all out with teeth, braces, and braces surrounding a heart. Julia doesn’t have braces, but the dentist thinks she may eventually have to get them.

Day 9’s prompt was “Throw,” and Julia decided to be the victim in this one, getting hit by a Frisbee… likely thrown by her brother.

4 thoughts on “Inktober Part Three

  1. Ronni – Thanks. She has seen others do their renditions, so she likes to go another direction than the obvious prompts.

    Ingineer – When Kevin got to this prompt, he saw Julia’s and thought the prompt was “Duck.” So he drew a really nice duck, then was upset when it wasn’t the actual prompt.

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