A Victory Of A Sort

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking Erik (#88 in blue) to Delaware for the Victory Fall Classic lacrosse tournament. The tournament spanned Saturday and Sunday, with three games for each team. Considering Erik’s sophomore season was eliminated thanks to the Chinese Wuhan Virus and our a-hole governor, this was his first tournament since summer of 2019.

Erik’s team is undefeated in their Fall league, but the competition in Delaware was much more impressive. I told Mrs. Earp we may come home without a win, but it’s always good when you play tougher opponents.

Erik is one of two face-off specialists on the team. Erik, like Kyle, is very good at face-offs; but he uses a different strategy. Kyle used his speed to win draws, while Erik uses his size and muscle. I hoped he had a good weekend because college scouts were in attendance.

Erik didn’t disappoint…

Erik started off the first two games winning six face-offs out of eleven. He then lost five straight in the last game against a powerhouse opponent. He was really pissed he did so poorly at the final game, but knew Sunday was right around the corner.

Sunday was a better day for him, but an awful day altogether. It rained all day with high winds and temperatures hovering around 40 degrees. The first game was difficult, but he got into the groove during the last two. Erik finished the tournament winning 12 of 27 face-offs. Erik finished the weekend with a 44.4 win percentage, which in lacrosse, is rather good. His career face-off percentage is 47.7%.

We’ll see if he impressed anyone.

The team ended up with two wins and four losses, which is better than any of us imagined. It was nice to see him on the field again, and hopefully PA Governor Tom Wolf won’t cancel this season too.

3 thoughts on “A Victory Of A Sort

  1. TX Nick – He’s not sure if he wants to go to college, but he’d like to see some interest from college coaches. We’ll see.

    Ronni – Yeah, the school is claiming they will have football in the spring – when lacrosse is played – so I fully expect the school to screw the lacrosse kids, because “football.”


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