Inktober Part Nine

Well, Julia is almost back to normal, and after I guilted her into creating some art for today, she diligently gave us two more works. Day Twenty-Three’s prompt is “Rip,” and Julia wanted to go a different route than the obvious choice. So, she used “Rip” as R.I.P.

Here Julia is standing in her classroom when she sees the homework assignment: “Work – Pages 1 to Infinity.” The shock of so much work kills her, and her spirit flies to Heaven. I thought it was an interesting way to take this prompt.

Day Twenty-Four’s prompt is “Dig,” and again Julia took the less popular road and defined it as digging someone you like. Here, a boy is starry-eyed for a girl in his class – which Julia says is definitely now her, because “Ew” – and the girl doesn’t even notice.

Julia said she would work on more prompts tomorrow, as there are only seven left for her to complete.

4 thoughts on “Inktober Part Nine

  1. I really enjoy her art and I love the fact that many times she “thinks outside the box” which is making for some interesting takes on the premise of the pictures. You quite a talent you’re raising, Wyatt.


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