Pass The Old El Paso

Instead of tackling the rising crime rates or the influx of Juarez cartels, the wanker city council of El Paso, Texas is spending their time deciding if the city’s strip clubs can continue operations.

The city reps were divided on whether the city is doing enough to protect the community from COVID-19. They spent hours going back and forth Tuesday night having discussions and giving suggestions on shutting down some businesses in efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some reps are adamant about protecting businesses instead, and not superseding any current orders.

In regards to strip clubs, City Attorney Karla Nieman said that according to Gov. Greg Abbott’s current orders, all businesses can be open at 50 percent while practicing safety measures against the virus. Nieman explained that the City cannot supersede those orders.

The city council wanted the clubs closed for fear of a Chinese Wuhan Virus outbreak.

Dude, there is no way the Wuhan is going to survive five seconds in a Texas strip club. The chlamydia, herpes, and HIV will kill it five times before it hits the ground.

The vote to shut down strip bars ultimately failed. City Reps. Dr. Sam Morgan, Isabel Salcido, Claudia Rodriguez and Cissy Lizarraga voted against the item. Margo broke the tie vote.

The mayor of El Paso broke the tie? That is freakin’ epic! Gentlemen, I ask you, which of us would not want to live under this benevolent politician’s reign?

Let he who is without shame throw the first dollar bill.

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