True Detective Stories

Since I am now effectively living behind enemy lines in occupied territory, I figured I would take a moment to describe what is happening in Philadelphia.

After the shooting of knife-wielding Walter Wallace, Jr. by police, residents in many sections of Philadelphia started rioting, looting, burning, and assaulting police officers Monday evening. The most egregious event was a truck plowed through a line of cops and struck a 56-year old female officer, shattering her femur. At that age, and considering her injuries, she will likely never return to work.

Tuesday night was grand. We had riots, lootings, burnings, and over thirty officers assaulted with bottles, rocks, and bricks. At one point, the mob descended on a neighborhood’s five-block long set of strip malls, and took most everything in every store. At one point, a supervisor stated his group “lost the block” and asked radio what were the upper echelon officers’ orders.


The supervisor was becoming agitated because he officers were being assaulted and no one from the command staff would tell him to retreat. Eventually, the supervisor went over the air and said, “Will you make a fucking decision?!!” Moments later, a Deputy Commissioner told the supervisor to “hold the line.”

The supervisor, who I worked with and know fairly well, replied, “We’re pulling back.” I’m surprised he didn’t tell the Deputy to f**k right off…

The other problem is our commissioner implemented a new rule that states when an officer uses and form of force, a supervisor must go over radio and give the officer’s badge number and the use of force. On Tuesday night the radio was non-stop calls for burglaries, looting, fires, etc., but officers couldn’t get through because bosses kept giving out numbers for uses of force. People were calling for assists, but they had to wait until the dimwit bosses would get off the air.

Wednesday was more of the same, but it was slightly more subdued thanks to early rains. We’re still getting all the usual riotous calls, but it’s slightly better than Tuesday evening. For the record, I am bringing my two extra mags with me to work now, because the air is thick with lead.

Neither the mayor, the police commissioner, or the D.A. have our backs, just like they didn’t have our backs in May and June. The city knew full well there would be riots after the shooting, and, like in May and June, they did nothing to prepare for this. There were no orders, no directives, and no real plan. Like the George Floyd riots, our “betters” thought they could just make plans on the fly.

They were wrong. Again.

24 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Veeshir – Agreed. I work mostly inside, so this doesn’t affect me as much as the street cops, but our “leaders” couldn’t care less if the patrol officers get hurt.

    Jenn – Kevin was sick earlier this week. Thought it was allergies, but took him to the doc and they took a Covid test. If it comes back positive, I have to be quarantined to two weeks. I don’t want that, because I need to be at my job, but it would mean I don’t have to find alternate ways to work because clowns closed the roads.

    TX Nick – I wrote this last night at work, while the phone was ringing off the hook with shootings, robberies, and looters.

    Mike AKA Proof – If you can buy stock in them, do so. You’ll make a fortune.


  2. The same politicians trying to defund the police are the ones who turn loose criminals because of the Wu-W.H.O.-Kung-Flu and the same ones who are trying to disarm law abiding citizens.


  3. “Jim Kenney has fought time and again to provide Philadelphia police officers with the resources they need not only to keep our city safe, but also to create real community policing programs,” McNesby said. “From securing updated equipment to supporting focused deterrence, Jim has proved he understands the social and physical challenges of urban policing.

    FOP5 leadership has a direct hand in lifting up those who shit on the PPD.


  4. TX Nick – They release criminals from prison but stuff grandma into a nursing home to die.

    Mario – He’s still coughing but he seems better. We should know the Covid results soon. We also are aware the only people we can trust is our coworkers, because no one else has our backs.

    James – I worked with McNesby when I got out of the academy. He’s as good a union boss as he was a cop. (Heavy sarcasm.) Our FOP is useless, in my opinion. They take credit for our contracts as if they had any play in it. It’s always mediated by an arbitrator. And McNesby has a penchant for endorsing Democrats come election time.


        1. I was told there would be no math. It’s currently 408, and the message when you hover over the percentage (they say it’s a 44% rise), it says “Compared to total homicide count as of this day in 2018.”

          Why wouldn’t they compare it to 2019?


          1. I’d bet because 2019 was low.
            If it’s only 44% over this day in 2018, that means the numbers in 2018 must have been pretty high as 408 is 55% higher than the whole year of 2019 with two months left.

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  5. Mike AKA Proof – I can tell you this for certain: we are WAY over 408 homicides at this point. If you think big Democrat cities don’t hide homicides, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.


  6. Prayers for calm in the storm while panic and determined evil rages around you and yours, no injuries, time for rest between chaotic shifts, fellowship with those that want better, leadership that doesn’t want worse, and mercy when the inevitable occurs.


  7. Brianatcab – Thanks. I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. The next few weeks will be troubling.

    Mis. Hum. – Thank you. A lot of innocent people have been hurt physically and economically from these riots, and the thugs doing this couldn’t care less.

    Toothy – I appreciate it.


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