Inktober Part Ten

Julia’s Inktober challenge is almost finished, and while she’s a few days backed up, she created two pieces for us today.

Yesterday she had homework, band practice (over Zoom) and dance practice but was determined to get these done.

She wanted to do three, but I told her homework was more important. She should have three tomorrow and we should be able to finish up Sunday.

Day Twenty-Five’s prompt is “Buddy,” and Julia drew man’s best friend. While me and Mrs. Earp had dogs growing up, it wasn’t the best choice for us now since some of our kids are very allergic to dog hair.

I forgot to ask her what the “T” tag meant, but her teacher’s dog is named Teess.

Day Twenty-Six’s prompt is “Hide,” and Julia created a work of hide and seek starring herself and her brother Kevin. I thought this one came out looking great.

6 thoughts on “Inktober Part Ten

    1. No allowances here. But they do get paid for doing chores. And a correction on the post no one is allergic to dogs. One kid and Wyatt are allergic to cats.


  1. Ronni – She gets a few comments on her Instagram page from other artists. It’s nice to see.

    Mike AKA Proof – They make their money with the lawn. Kyle mows, Erik rakes, Kevin and Julia pick up the clippings. It’s kind of like a production line in Communist China.


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