Inktober Part Eleven

Today is the official end to Inktober, the ink drawing challenge Julia joined, and after thirty-one days, she’s almost finished. She’ll have the final two pieces ready tomorrow, because a cold and homework slowed her down a little. And here we go..

Day Twenty-Seven’s prompt is “Music,” and she used a character from “The Greatest Showman” for this one. I think it’s her best work in this challenge and it made me very proud of her and her work.

I really think it’s her best work so far.

Day Twenty-Eight’s prompt is “Float,” and Julia imagined herself peacefully floating through space with Mother Earth by her side.

Day Twenty-Nine’s prompt is “Shoes,” and I think is her funniest piece yet. While looking for her shoes, both come to life, chase her down the hallway, trying to eat her feet.

The last two prompts will be posted tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Inktober Part Eleven

      1. Good point, but Julia isn’t your typical girl. She told me if she ever buys a bikini I can murder her. She’s not a tomboy, but at eleven she hates the bathing suits we see on girls at the beach.


  1. That girl has some talent, a vivid imagination and just the right touch of quirkiness. Must have inherited that last one from proud papa……….


  2. I love the Music picture. The way she does the shadowing is great. She did a wonderful job on all her drawings. You should be a very proud parent!


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