Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Kevin and Julia went Trick-or-Treating last night, despite the fact our jackass governor and mayor were considering cancelling the event.

As if anyone would listen.

Kevin dressed as a Philadelphia Flyers hockey player, and Julia dressed like one of the characters from The Greatest Showman.

The night was anticlimactic, mostly because many of the neighborhood houses were either blacked out, or just left out a bowl of candy for the kids to take. I think it was a combination of the Chinese Wuhan Virus and the riots. The rioters haven’t come anywhere near my neighborhood, but I think people were still worried about it. It’s a shame because they’re almost in high school, and they got screwed out of a traditional Halloween this year.

Oh well, I sincerely hope their haul contained some Three Musketeers bars. Just because.

By the way, Julia was in a mood yesterday, so the final Inktober post should be up tomorrow.

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