Inktober Part Twelve

Well, it took a little over a month, but Julia has finally finished her Inktober challenge. There were thirty-one days of prompts and Princess P stepped up to the challenge.

Yes, there were days when she was less than enthusiastic, but overall she enjoyed the challenge and the work which came along with it.

So, without further ado, Princess P’s final two pieces.

Day Thirty’s prompt is “Onimous,” and I think Julia had a difficult time with this prompt because she wasn’t exactly sure what the word meant. She struggled to find an example for the challenge, and finally settled on an ominous storm.

Day Thirty-One’s prompt is “Crawl,” and Julia was stressing herself because she wanted the last prompt to be the best prompt. I told her it didn’t have to be perfect, just something she liked. She decided to go with the Halloween motif, and drew a legless zombie crawling after her.

The look on her face is priceless.

Thank you all for your patience with Inktober. I wanted to showcase Julia’s talent throughout the month because I think she has done some truly impressive work.

6 thoughts on “Inktober Part Twelve

  1. You’re right, Wyatt. Julia has done some very impressive work. I will look forward to you occasionally posting more artwork in the future on the blog. Keep up the great work, Julia!


  2. I love the look on her face in ‘crawl’! She’s captured the perfect mood with simple lines – reminds me of how Bill Watterson did Calvin’s facial expressions.


  3. There was really no need to thank us for our patience. I for one thoroughly enjoyed your little one’s drawings and looked forward to seeing what her imagination brought forth every day…………


  4. Ronni – I think by the end she was exhausted. Between school, Krav Maga, and dance, she was a bit overwhelmed, But you’re right, the girl has a lot of talent for her eleven years.

    Mike47 – If she continues having the interest, we’re looking to see if we can get her into an high school of the arts. But we still have two years for that.

    TX Nick – I think that was the funniest of them all. I mean, who thinks to draw that?

    Jenn – That’s a great compliment, as I lived off Calvin and Hobbes when I was younger.

    Tam – Thank you. She was reading some of the comments and was very humbled.


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