Let The Countdown Begin!

While I was writing posts for the blog Saturday, Mrs. Earp came downstairs and handed me an envelope. She said, “You may want to open this.”

It was sent by the city, so I was hoping it would be something spectacular.

It was.

My Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) paperwork has been approved!

The department will now freeze my salary, and any raises or other benefits I would have received will be held for four years. When I leave, those freezes will be distributed back to me, and I am finally done with this job forever.

The news is both exciting and scary. I’ve been in law enforcement for twenty-six years now, and it’s pretty much all I’ve ever done. I’ll have to get another job, but I have no idea where I’d like to go from here. I do, however, know I’m leaving this city and this state for greener pastures below the Mason-Dixon Line.

My final day will be November 2, 2024, 1,461 days from now.

23 thoughts on “Let The Countdown Begin!

  1. Yay!
    In 4 years things should have shaken out.
    Maybe you could get a job in law enforcement some place that’s not a shooting gallery and where the ‘leadership’ doesn’t hate you.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – The last thing I want to inspect is Lady Gaga’s meat.

    Ronni – It’s a long way away, but I can see the end of the tunnel.

    Jenn – Nothing would make me happier, but I have the basic WP blog, so I don’t think I can install one.

    Veeshir – The chief of the University of Dallas and I talk occasionally. He said with my experience and in the city I work, any sheriff’s department would gladly snap me up. If I want to do that. I’ll be 55 when I retire, so I could probably still dot he job.


    1. My friend’s brother retired from an upstate NY sheriff deputy’s job and became Sheriff in FL in his 50s.
      He liked it. His county was mostly rednecks so mostly just lots of Florida Man messes to clean up.

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  3. “My final day will be November 2, 2024, 1,461 days from now.”

    Just in time for Michael Pence to win election as POTUS. Or will that be Donald Trump, Jr.?

    Either way, congrats are in order. When I finish my tiki bar, I will be needing a head of security…


  4. Start the countdown. Wear your vest. Look into relocating to Franklin, TN south of Nashville…If you want to visit, just let me know…


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