Election Day Is Upon Us

Well, Election Day is here, and I sincerely hope everyone who passes by this blog takes a few minutes of your time to get out and vote. (If you haven’t done so already.)

I am increasingly tired of the nonstop political advertisements, the spam texts – apparently the Democrats think my name is Brandy – and the constant stress over where this country will turn in 2021. I think the choice is crystal clear.

President Trump has grown the economy, extricated America from our endless wars, built a southern border wall – well, it’s a work in progress – cut taxes, and confirmed hundreds of judges. Thee president did all this while the Democrat did everything in their power to destroy him. They created a phony Russian collusion scandal, sent Mueller and his merry band of morons after him, his family, and his inner circle, and eventually impeached him.

And still, he fights for America.

Joe Biden is a proven liar, especially after denying he had the Ukraine prosecutor investigating Burisma fired. (The statement is on video FFS.) The Hunter Biden scandal has shown Joe has enriched himself thanks to countries – China, Ukraine – who paid top dollar for influence. Not to mention his degenerating cognitive abilities mean he would likely not finish out his first term.

Joe Biden has been in politics for nearly fifty years. He promises all the things he is going to do if elected, and the man was in the White House for eight years. What has he done?

Look, I realize I am effectively preaching to the choir, but if you haven’t voted yet, please do, and if possible take a few people with you. We cannot win simply by voting; we need to overcome the Democrat cheating factor. A Biden-Harris presidency will undo all the good President Trump has done these four years.

Oh, this will be Kyle’s first election, and he’s probably voting for LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff.

8 thoughts on “Election Day Is Upon Us

  1. I did in person early voting last week. No lines and it took maybe 5 minutes. I honestly don’t remember the first time I voted.


  2. My little burg is 2,100 people. I have never, ever waited in line to vote. I swung by the polling place at 0700, and the line was half a block out the door. Went back 2 hours later, it was 3/4 of a block. Two more hours, same. Got in line. Only waited 25 minutes.

    I cast no vote for any state office. The Republican party in Illinois is a bigger joke than the one in California. I had no idea there was a challenger to Dick Durbin. No yards signs, no mailers, no buttons, nothing. I tracked down a friend of mine who is more keyed into state politics than I. He told me the challenger to Durbin did not receive one bit of help from the IL GOP. Not one red cent, no campaign help, no fundraising help, nothing. I get it that Durbin might be hard to beat, but could you, I donno, F*CKING TRY???!?!?!?? Plus they have done nothing to counter Pritzker’s arbitrary flu nonsense. Piss on all of them.


  3. Ronni – My first POTUS election was 1988 and I voted for GHWB.

    CJB- I don’t get that. The President visited California, FFS! Every vote counts, and if you’re a legitimate organization, you do what’s necessary to get people to vote.


  4. The lovely missus and I went out to our polling place at a little after noon. I was surprised that there was no line at all. This was the quickest that I’ve ever voted. I’m hoping that there is a red wave when all the locals get off work………..


  5. It was pretty light where I voted. Of course, I’m in a pretty blue suburb of ultra-blue Minneapolis. I voted for President Trump, for Jason Lewis over the Dem party hack senator Tina Smith, and for every Republican I could find. I even voted for two state court judges, one against the incumbent and one for, just because I had a feeling the challenger had a strong affinity for the word “equity.”

    And then I walked out with a smile on my face. I love making trouble for the elite, credentialed class who think they’re better than me. Resist this, you incompetent tyrants.


  6. Don’t know if you heard this (or not), but our “illustrious” gov was sued for executive order over reach. And he LOST!!! Anyone feel sorry for Newsome?


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