College Professor Is Not Very Sharp

Meet Kelly Kean Sharp.

Sharp is a delicious professor from Furman University in South Carolina, who was riding the wave of tenure and riches. Well, she was until an anonymous blogger uncovered Sharp was lying about her “Chicana” heritage. Qué lástima.

According to a report by Inside Higher Ed, Professor Kelly Kean Sharp resigned from her post at Furman University this week after an anonymous blogger accused Sharp of lying about her ethnic background.

Sharp had described herself as “Chicana” on her Twitter bio, a term used to describe females of Mexican descent. At one point, Sharp allegedly participated as a panelist at an event at Luther College during which panelists discussed their experiences as Latino-Americans.

Well, she totes looks Spanish, what with the ultra fair complexion and the dirty blonde hair.

Professor Sharp’s racial identity was first questioned in an anonymous blog post that was published on on Tuesday. The anonymous blogger conducted research into Sharp’s family history and found no indication that Sharp had Hispanic ancestors.

But when some of us looked into genealogical records, we found that Kelly had no grandparents who were born outside of the United States or had Hispanic names. The maternal grandmother who she claimed was from Mexico, was born in LA to white parents and was residing in the US during all the census records of her upbringing.

A servant was even employed and living at the home according to census records. This grandmother eventually married a wealthy, white lawyer from Iowa.

The irony here is Sharp’s servant was likely of Spanish descent, and she wasn’t gifted a cushy professorial job by a major university. The good news is with Sharp’s qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.

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