The Democrats Are Stealing The Election

So, after President Trump was cruising to victory last night, a gaggle of Democrat-led states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – all stopped counting votes at nearly the exact same time. The president was well ahead in every state – he’s up 700,0000 votes in PA – and the states just quit counting ballots. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

The states gave no legitimate reason to stop counting; they just said they were going home and counting would resume today. The rationale is rather simple; these states are manufacturing ballots for Joe Biden, and they are literally stealing the presidential election.

Check out the tweet above. Michigan “found” 138,000 ballots around 2-3am, and every single ballot was for Joe Biden. Not one was for President Trump. Trump was also leading in Wisconsin, and while you were sleeping, Milwaukee “found” ballots which put Biden in the lead. This occurred between 5-6am.

Finally, my despicable, disgusting Attorney General openly said, “If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.” Hours later, PA shut down ballot counting.

President Trump has survived the bogus Russian Collusion charge, the fake impeachment, the ridiculous Mueller probe, and everything else the Democrats and the Deep State threw at him. Can he survive this? I honestly don’t know. I do know this; this is no longer the America I know. It has become a corrupt cesspool run by unelected bureaucrats and billionaire tech tyrants.

I never thought I’d say this, but fuck this country. Burn it to the ground. I literally couldn’t give a shit anymore. America is a banana republic, diametrically opposed to the Founders and the Constitution.

10 thoughts on “The Democrats Are Stealing The Election

  1. Ronni – I barely recognize this as the America I lived in while growing up.

    TX Nick – They aren’t even good at the fraud. All four states stop counting ballots at the exact same time? This is a fucking coup. no different than the Russian collusion, the Mueller investigation, impeachment, etc.


  2. I’ve had it…don’t know who to blame, can’t imagine people voting against their self interests, their family’s interests, their legacy to their grandchildren, cannot fathom the illegality planned and executed to thwart the election process…the old Stalin quote about it only matters about who counts the votes has been foremost in my mind ever since the last election, and it has come true…retreating into my own little world, enjoying my blessings and the purulent forces of evil can rot in their self created Hades…

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  3. Doc – Well said. I cannot imagine people would choose Biden over Trump after all the turnout at his rallies and the no-shows for Sleepy Joe. This should have been a landslide, and the politicians are going to steal an election.


  4. What needs to be done here and now is for the states that have counted illegal votes to be forced to redo their elections. And after the votes are cast, protected by the U.S. Marshals. They should also be counted under U.S. Marshal supervision.

    What should be done in the future is that the above procedure be followed by all states for all elections. Early voting should also be limited to one week, the last full week in October. Mail in ballots (absentee voting only) delivered after election day should be immediately destroyed, regardless of delivery method. Anyone too stupid to vote in a timely manner shouldn’t be casting a ballot anyway.

    One person, one LEGAL vote.


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