Block The Vote

Meet Anthony Steven Guevara of Collier County, Florida. Anthony is big on politics; so much so that he tried to change Governor Ron DeSantis’ voter registration. My boy’s wicked smaht!

Agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested Anthony Steven Guevara on charges of unauthorized access of a computer and altering a voter registration without consent.

According to the FDLE, agents started the investigation after DeSantis went to early vote on Monday and was told his address had changed to one in West Palm Beach in the database. According to Gubernatorial Communications Director Fred Piccolo, DeSantis provided identification and was allowed to early vote. The Department of Law Enforcement was notified and traced the activity now being described as identity theft to the 20-year-old Naples man.

Agents were able to identify Guevara as the suspect and arrested him at his home with help from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Wow, how did the police find this master of disguise, what with his My First Beard Kit by Kenner.

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