The GOP Has Gone Underground

Apologies for two political posts in a row, but I thought both the previous and current posts are important. The GOP has apparently turned their backs on President Trump at the time he needs them the most. I cannot remember a president treated so poorly by his enemies… and his “allies.”

Where is McConnell? McCarthy? Barr? One of the most important Presidential elections in our nation’s history is being stolen right out from under us—and so-called Republican “leaders” are no where to be found.

Darren Beattie of Revolver News tweeted that he was informed by a White House official “Rick Scott and Marsha Blackburn are talking about Taiwan and Hong Kong… Little rand hasn’t tweeted anything. Lil’ Marco is counter signaling. McConnell has a blackout on this.” Even Lindsey Graham, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is silent. The only Republican senators who have spoken out about the election fraud are Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. The GOP largely appears to have abandoned the President..

Beatie isn’t wrong. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have been pretty good, but the rest of the GOP has left the president hanging out to dry. Trump reinvigorated a dying political party, helped change the federal courts and the SCOTUS. He helped get many new GOP politicians into office, and wooed many new voters into the fold.

And what does he get for all that work? Silence.

Few people close to the President seem to care about the Democrat’s fraudulent activities. Amongst them are Rudy Giuliani, Eric Trump, and Jason Miller, who have led a strong anti-fraud movement on the ground in Philadelphia. Another good actor is Former Acting Director of U.S. National Intelligence Ric Grenell, who has been focusing on securing Nevada. In Arizona, a crucial state on Trump’s pathway to victory, the only directly Trump-related event is a press conference hosted by David Bossie, Jeff Dewit, Kelly Ward, and Debbie Lesko.

Republicans’ silence on the issue is deafening. It speaks volumes about their priorities and allegiances—and it will not be forgotten. Establishment types and never-Trumpers have proven themselves incapable of setting aside policy differences to fight for the integrity and preservation of our constitutional republic.

It should surprise no one the GOP can be described as “fair weather friends.” It should also surprise no one that they would turn tail the second the president hit a bumpy stretch. With few exceptions, every one of these politicians are out for themselves. None of them could give a damn about President Trump or the voters who put him (and them) into office.

I guess they figured three years of good governance and leadership was simply too taxing. The GOP we all know and hate will be back in January, and they’ll be as feckless as ever.

22 thoughts on “The GOP Has Gone Underground

  1. Trump needs to start his own, conservative, Constitution Party. If he ever does, I will change my affiliation that very day.

    What is the sound you hear when stepping on a RINO?

    Squish, squish.

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  2. Back from the dead… or actually visiting my grandkids. I apologize for not being available to monitor all the ballot counters. Who’d have ever thought the Demoncrats were actually dishonest? Or, that the Republican’ts are a bunch of spineless pussies? At least I can honestly say I have not been a Republican’t for almost 8 years. (Not that I don’t vote for them.) I want nothing to do with these worthless excuses for patriots. I’ll admit though, I have a man crush on The Donald. He has the biggest set of balls anyone elected to office has ever had. Best.President.EVER!

    We should have a pool to call the date that Kamalatoe Harris is inaugurated president. Not sure what the prize should be though. Or, we could have a pool as to whom she’d name VP. Gotta be one of the squad.


  3. TX Nick – As would I. Trump is the future of the GOP. No other politician will ever be as popular as he is.

    RG – This will sound mean, but all my fellow citizens in PA who work in fracking and voted for Biden get what they deserve.

    Actually anyone who voted for him deserve all they’re gonna get. Goodbye great economy, goodbye law and order.


  4. It’s not going to matter to me if Trump loses this fight and runs again in 2024. It probably won’t matter to anyone. I doubt we’ll have another legitimate election in this country.

    I know that if this blatant fraud is allowed to stand, I will never bother wasting my time to vote ever again.

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  5. What gets me is of all the R’s listed above, Cruz is the one that would have the most reason to step back, but instead, he pulled up his boots & keeps up the good fight.


  6. Except for judges, the GOP never helped Trump.
    During the impeachment crap they knew it was all BS but sat back and tut tutted. They didn’t help with the wall the first two years when they had Congress, or try to get rid of Obamacare.
    It really is a uniparty and their job is failure theater, pounding the desk and promising to Get To The Bottom Of This!, whichever This we were riled up about.
    Local GOP is marginally less feckless and useless but you’re right, we need a new party.
    And keep the GOP quisling pols out, because you know they’ll try to sabotage it.
    Being Americans, I’m not so much worried about a Hitler, I’m more thinking of a Caesar, and wondering how bad it would be.
    After all, the Roman Empire lasted more than a thousand years and the emperors mostly just harmed the ruling class and left The People alone.
    Sorry for the long comment, I’m sorta riled up right now.


  7. This is how you know who was in the Deep State or an ally/apologist for the Deep State. These are people who believe they will profit from going back to corrupt crony influence-peddling business/politics as usual. Like Biden, who should be being prosecuted for crimes against America instead of perched on the precipice of becoming POTUS.


  8. Veeshir – I think I finally realized that when Barr and Durham said their investigation would not be out before the election. Everything Trump did for them and this country, and all the GOP just sat and let him fend for himself.

    Now the Durham report will never be released, Biden and his drug addict son will never be investigated, and the Deep State will get away with the Russian collusion hoax. It’s all gone because me piece of shit city stole the election.

    RC – America is no longer a country of laws. The Clinton, Obama, and Biden crime families will get away with everything they’ve done.

    I did see someone on Twitter beg the president to declassify everything and call for a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden. I think, if nothing else, that should be Trump’s next move.


    1. I’m with you on giving up once the system is proven to be corrupt. However, the more I think about it, that’s part of their master plan. If they demoralize us into not voting, they won’t even have to cheat to win. I live in a deep blue state that was taken over by the left over a decade ago. Nothing for which I have ever voted has gone my way since, but I vote nonetheless. These bastards are going to have to fight their way to corruption, I’m not going to just give it to them.


      1. Yeah, I see your point. 1,455 days until retirement, and I am headed to a deep red state. I hate this city and I hate this state. When I leave, I am never coming back.


  9. MelP – Possibly. Both of them would be pawns of Pelosi, AOC, Sanders, etc., but everyone says they despise Harris – even Democrats. She received zero delegates in the DNC primaries, so why was she even on the ticket?


    1. Female, easy-lay, POC, descended from slave holders, willing to keep young black men as cheap labor, withheld evidence to make sure she won & that people were sent to prison.

      I don’t know why she was on the ticket.

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  10. Hate to say this, but I predicted this outcome…it all goes back to that quote attributed to Stalin that the only thing that matters in an election is who counts the votes…


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