Pearls Of Wisdom

So yesterday was busy at the Earp Ranch. I started the day work shift, Mrs. Earp took Erik to a lacrosse tournament in Maryland, so the house was occupied by a sleepy Kyle, Kevin, and Princess P. Princess P and Kevin are old enough to fend for themselves via lunch, etc., but you always the worst can happen. After a few hours with no phone calls, I assumed everything was fine.

It was.

When I came home, Julia ran out of the house to greet me. She was holding something behind her back, then she showed me what she was doing all day. She was watching a Bob Ross video on YouTube and painting The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

I have to admit, I think she really nailed it.

You can see the painting close up below the fold…

Not bad for an eleven-year old.

11 thoughts on “Pearls Of Wisdom

  1. Another amazing painting for someone her age. I am impressed by the shading she does to help bring her painting and drawings to life.


  2. RG – Thank you. She’s very critical of her art, but she seemed to really like this one.

    Ronni – Bob Ross is her mentor, She watched the video of him recreating the portrait and followed his instructions. It’s so great he is still teaching artists from Heaven.

    Evan – Thank you. Her first real painting was a mountain scene, which she did after watching a Bob Ross video. It came out really well, but this I think is better.


  3. Bob Ross is universally loved. Evidently the Twitch stream for The Joy of Painting is insanely popular.

    There’s hope yet.


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