Moose Outside Shoulda Told Ya

It would appear The Great White North is looking to cancel Christmas. Apparently the Chinese Wuhan Virus has either destroyed many Canuck economies, or scared them into submission.

Seriously Canada, be better.

Roger Wiebe of Edmonton and his wife are cancelling Christmas this year because they can’t afford it.

Weibe said he lost his job at a medical supply warehouse in June due to a COVID-19-related work slowdown. His wife, a legal assistant, lost her job in February. Neither has been able to land another job as the pandemic drags on, and they’re struggling.

“We can’t afford presents or anything like that,” said Wiebe. “I don’t even think we’re going to be in the mood to even put up a tree or anything this year. … Christmas is going to be another day.”

While the Roger’s predicament is obviously heartbreaking, my problem here is their give-up attitude. Like many countries across the globe, Canadian politicians have instilled an irrational fear in their citizens. They purposefully crashed their economies and locked people in their houses for eight months now with no end in sight. Remember in March we were told “Fifteen days to stop the spread?”

This “pandemic” has become completely political. It’s less about the virus and more about control. Hell, some of our most despicable politicians – like the murderous Andrew Cuomo – is now saying the Chinese Wuhan Virus may not be so bad. Amazing he said that right after the election.

Many other Canadians won’t go as far as cancelling Christmas, but will have pared-down celebrations this year as fears of the virus, physical gathering restrictions and a weakened economy put a damper on holiday plans.

Look, if the Wiebe family wants to shut themselves off from the world, that’s their prerogative. But unless they’re over seventy years old, and have health problems, this virus will likely not kill them.

There is no way I’m canceling Christmas. In fact, I’d like it to be the biggest Christmas ever, because you can be damned sure Trudeau and his politician buddies will be spending their time with multitudes of their families, friends, and coworkers.

7 thoughts on “Moose Outside Shoulda Told Ya

  1. My son and his family live in British Columbia and he said they have been told for all intents and purposes that Christmas will not be celebrated with family gatherings, etc. Luckily he has his own computer business and his wife works at the hospital in Prince George. I assured him that I would be sending out gifts for my grandkids this week and money for he and his wife via paypal. Christmas will continue at the Lane household.


  2. Ronni – Excellent. It’s amazing how many people call Trump a fascist, while Cuomo, Newsom, and Trudeau are all for closing down cities and states for “their own good.”

    Related: Kyle is a Vancouver Canucks fan.


  3. The democrats have stolen the election, so the pandemic is over, right?

    I enjoyed lunch with my brother and sister yesterday at a restaurant somewhere in Texas. We entered wearing our outlaw bandanas, took them off at the table, and enjoyed conversation and some good BBQ. Ditto for everyone else in the restaurant.

    It is amazing how smart that virus is. It knows when you aren’t seated. It knows if you are in a restaurant and not in a church. Those commies in China really know how to genetically modify the common cold.


  4. TX Nick – Funny how no media types criticized the thousands of people rioting in the streets or celebrating Joe Biden’s alleged “win.” But hey, go to a MAGA rally and you’re a super-spreader. The media is dead, as is journalism.


  5. My grandkids are gonna hit the jackpot this Christmas. I started buying them gifts before COVID and every time I thought I was done Christmas shopping, BAM! Some really neat gizmo or thing-gummy would pop up and I’d buy eight more of them! Christmas wrapping this year, however, is going to be brutal!

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  6. Mike AKA Proof – I was great at that as a teenager and 20-something. Now it’s much more difficult. Probably because of my dementia.

    MelP – Amen to that!


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