True Detective Stories

Like many workplaces across the globe, the Chinese Wuhan Virus has hit my division hard. Many of us likely suffered through it in March, as most of us were severely sick for a few days. It’s now giving us a curtain call, and two members of my division tested positive, and close to thirty police officers downstairs tested positive as well.

The virus necessitated some changes to our normal protocols, and our new “prime directive” is no one will be brought to the division for face-to-face interviews. The order was given to protect the officers and the victims/witnesses.

So, knowing what you know about the police officers in my division, what do you think happened?

Yesterday, an officer from the one of the police districts called and said he was bringing up a robbery arrest. While talking to the detective, he asked if he should bring up the victim. The detective said no, and explained the policy. The officer agreed… and brought the victim here anyway.

A half hour later, another officer from the same district called for another robbery – this time without an arrest. He asked if he should bring up the victim, and again we related the policy and told him no. We would interview her over the phone.

Not only did this dullard bring the victim to the division, but he brought her upstairs and sat her outside the window. Oh, and spoiler alert. she wasn’t wearing a mask.

1,452 days and I’m gone. I can last 1,452 days.

3 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Looking at your quote at the top, I don’t think hell is following so much ‘with’ you as ‘at’ you.
    And instead of a pale horse it’s riding Diego..


  2. You and the others working the front lines during this pandemic have my thanks and gratitude (even though that is not nearly enough for what you are subjected to each day). Stay strong, try and stay safe and I will keep you all in my prayers.


  3. Veeshir – With his girth, he could probably carry a few riders… and a schooner.

    Ronni – Thank you. Every day is an adventure, but not the kind anyone wants to experience.


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