Toss Across

An elementary school in Avignon, France has posted signs outside the school pleading for parents to not throw their children over the fence. Apparently parents are literally tossing their children over the fence if they arrive late.

Some parents struggling to get their kids into school on time have been resorting to desperate measures to make the 8:30am deadline.

Trillade primary school in Avignon has put up a series of hilarious notices showing an adult throwing a small child. The signs warn under-pressure parents not to throw their little darlings over the six-foot-high steel fence.

I wonder if they are throwing for height or distance?

Sanaa Meziane, the school’s head teacher, said staff were tired of “irresponsible” parents doing so in their rush to work when running late. She told The Times : “Parents arriving after the bell were literally throwing their kids.”

If the school had a sense of humor, they would throw the kids back over the fence when school lets out.

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