Nothin’ But Net

The Arizona State Police were pursuing a vehicle which was trying to ram another vehicle off I-10. When the offender refused to stop, the troopers stopped the vehicle the hard way.

A driver on San Tan Loop 202 in Arizona called 911 saying the car behind her was chasing and rear-ending her. The suspect kept ramming the driver even after Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers showed up, so they decided to deploy a Grappler Bumper to end the pursuit.

The Grappler Bumper is a net that’s attached to the front of a police vehicle and can be lowered with the touch of a button. When the net contacts the tire, it’s pulled over the axel and the vehicle is immobilized within five or six seconds.

I’m not sure that would work as well on clustered city streets, but it sure works on highways. You can see the video of the incident below the fold. It’s pretty impressive.

6 thoughts on “Nothin’ But Net

    1. Whomever he is, he needs to RUN. As fast as he can. Maybe he can go to Floriduh and find another hot chick with whom he can become involved.


  1. Did a little digging. She was of course, intoxicated and claimed she thought she was chasing her ex husband, trying to keep him from getting away. The insane drunken harpie couldn’t regain control of herself even with multiple Highway Patrol vehicles on her ass and couldn’t foresee that she absolutely would be arrested and depending on her ability to act like a human, possibly shot.


  2. RG – Yeah, psychopaths are awesome. Of course, if she’s hot, screen door, hurricane.

    Cathy – At least one, if not more.

    Bilderback – Wow, nice work. I was surprised she came out with her hands up. Seemed to me like a suicide-by-cop kinda girl.


    1. Well Wyatt, she is usually hot. I saw several 115 degree days while I was working near Phoenix. And you beat me too it about the screen door. Be thankful I was driving all day.

      BTW, I can take one of the items off my bucket list: Drive a red Jeep Wrangler through a blizzard over the Rocky Mountains. Did that today.


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