The “Birthplace Of Freedom”

The drunken jackass leftist mayor of Philadelphia will announce another lockdown in a matter of minutes. Jim “I’ll Have Another Drink” Kenney is expected to close the city – again – because of the Chinese Wuhan Virus. (The lockdown is expected to last until New Year’s Day.)

Philadelphia city officials are set to announce new restriction on activities like indoor dining and gyms today at at 1 p.m. news conference.

My gym was closed for six months thanks to my piece of shite mayor and my a-hole governor. I am just now getting back into shape, and these pricks are going to shut it all down again? F**k. You.

Philadelphia officials on Friday were weighing new restrictions that could stop indoor dining, close gyms and theaters, ban indoor gatherings, and ask companies to return office employees to remote work, according to people briefed on a potential plan by Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration Friday.

All this will do is bankrupt small businesses, stress out the average citizen, and plummet the local economy. Buy hey, Philadelphia; keep voting for Democrats. Morons.

Retail stores, barbershops, and salons would be permitted to remain open — with enforcement of mask-wearing and limited capacity — and construction work would also continue. But the city would prohibit public and private indoor gatherings of any size.

Uh-huh. I absolutely believe this prick will still allow fans to attend Eagles games, though.

(And no, the Philadelphia Inquirer gets no links from me.)

You can see the fascist mayor’s list by clicking here. I will enjoy ignoring every one of these “rules.”

5 thoughts on “The “Birthplace Of Freedom”

  1. Rudy – The man is a despicable piece of shite, and for some reason, he thinks he could become governor. One of the local talk show guys said this today, and it makes sense. All these new shutdowns will rile everyone up, and they will be too mad about this to remember all the voter fraud the city enabled.


  2. It’s Pennsylvania, man. This mayor will most definitely become governor because, if it’s one thing I’ve learned in the 16 1/2 years since I moved away, PA residents are gullible and short sighted. Best day’s work I ever did was move the hell out of that communist state.


  3. Victoria – Philly and Pittsburgh ruin the states for everyone else. Without them, this would be a bright red state. The central counties and many of the suburbs are fairly conservative. It’s just the corruption and fraud of the other two cities which ruin PA for everyone.

    I do, however, take some joy in the restaurant industry here. They love them some Democrats, and now they’re about to get shafted. Good and hard. Zero sympathy here.

    I’m out here in 1,446 days. Not that I’m counting.


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