Pope On The Ropes

Meet Brazilian Instagram model Natalia Garibotto.

Natalia is very popular on Instagram, where she has collected 2.3 million followers… and apparently one Pope.

Pope Francis is making headlines after his Instagram account was caught liking a very cheeky photo.

Posted by Instagram model Natalia Garibotto, shows her leaning against lockers in a skimpy schoolgirl-and-suspenders outfit that leaves her very well-rounded derrière exposed. The 27-year-old Brazilian captioned the image with a call for subscribers and a smiling devil face.

“I can teach you a thing or two,” she wrote. “Can’t wait for you guys to see my October shoot on my site.”

Truth be told, I have never been a fan of Pope Francis; he’s a leftist in the mold of Barack Obama, and has done a tremendous amount of damage to Catholic Church and its teachings. That said, I’ll give the guy props for noticing “talent” when he sees it.

5 thoughts on “Pope On The Ropes

  1. Not being a Catholic, all I can say about the Pope is that he has nice taste in hot women, but how did the Catholic church go from one of the most fervent anti-communists in the world being Pope to a guy that’s pretty much a commie himself being Pope. Very strange. More to that story than any of us will EVER know.

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  2. Mike AKA Proof – Well, he does like big butts.

    RG – Agreed. Pope Benedict was forced out in exchange for Francis, which is a really unusual move. Maybe the Church wanted to pull further left?


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