Hello Clarisse…

Meet Kiarra Clarisse of Brevard County, Florida.

Kiarra loves her son. She also loves to party. Which do you think she prefers more? If you guessed partying, go to the head of the class!

Deputies said an ex-girlfriend of 22-year-old Kiarra Clarisse told one of the boy’s family members that Clarisse only wanted to “party, drink and work in the club” and wasn’t properly taking care of her son during her supervised visits.

The woman said Clarisse would let her housemates watch the boy even though they were known to drink excessively.

Pro-tip: If someone smiles for a mug shot, you can be reasonably sure it’s a garbage human.

The first time the child had been given marijuana, Clarisse sent a Snapchat message to her then-girlfriend claiming the boy had accidentally gotten ahold of her vape pen and smoked the THC oil that was inside. In a separate Snapchat video, Clarisse smokes the vape pen while lying next to the toddler.

Deputies said Clarisse would put the vape pen in the boy’s mouth so he would smoke it in order to help his sleep schedule and appetite. Because she was afraid the drugs would be detected, Clarisse canceled the boy’s doctor appointments in June and July, which meant that he was not given the required vaccines.

In a perfect world, Clarisse would lose her son forever and be forcibly sterilized. As it stands, she’ll likely receive probation and land a guest host gig at CNN.

3 thoughts on “Hello Clarisse…

  1. In a dozen or so years, she’s likely to be crying about her baby getting shot by someone. “He was a good boy, an aspiring rapper, and just turning his life around after all those arrests. Why did they have to kill him?”

    Hey woman: he needed a mother a dozen or so years ago. Where were you then? Oh, yeah… had to party with your friends.


  2. TX Nick – It’s amazing how many unfit parents there are in America. The greatest country on Earth, and they still can’t take time out to raise their children right.

    This has become a very selfish society.


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