In Soviet Russia, Concrete Lays You!

A Russian man was nearly killed by a suicidal concrete slab last week, because Russia is awful.

While clearing snow from a vehicle in Russia, the owner noticed a massive slab of concrete falling from the building above and narrowly got out of the way in time. When I say massive, I mean massive. Like 100% this guy would be dead if he didn’t have his Russian reflexes with him. Also, what is happening in Russia that giant concrete slabs just fall from the sky?

From what I’ve seen on the Internet they’re already playing life at the max difficultly so it seems excessive to add in randomly falling objects.

This guy doesn’t look like he’s standing in the middle of Volgograd, so I have no idea how a concrete slab plummeted to the ground in the middle of a forest, but hey, Russia.

The short video is below the fold. It is literally pants-wetting…

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