You Reepham What You Sow

Meet Katherine Lake, a (former) Physical Education teacher at Reepham Secondary School in Norwich, England. Katherine really enjoys her students; so much so she got shite-faced drunk, shared cigarettes with the students, and flashed her breasts while taking photos with the kids.

Married PE department head ­Katherine Lake, 44, downed eight glasses of wine at a school leavers’ prom and sat on one student’s lap watched by his stunned pals.

Later, she pulled her top down exposing her breasts while posing with five pupils in a photo booth, a disciplinary panel heard.

The flirty teacher, who also shared a cigarette with a pupil, was so smashed she fell over while trying to sit on a pupil’s lap, the panel heard.

Ironically, this woman is overqualified to teach in America’s public school system. Cripes, if she banged one of the students, she could easily be nominated for Secretary of Education.

3 thoughts on “You Reepham What You Sow

  1. TX Nick – Yeah, good point. Saw an article from some big business tycoon claiming most big companies will flee the U.S. is Biden implements his proposed plans. Can’t say I’d blame them.

    MelP – Also yes. The best thing I can say about this woman is… she LOOKS like a gym teacher.


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