True Detective Stories

It is very likely I will not post this until Monday, but since I’m furious now, I decided to write it up Friday.

The last day of every tour is bittersweet for me. It’s always great when I have two days off, but I stress about coming back. You see, when I’m off, replacements work the front desk, and since they’re replacements, they couldn’t care less if they do their job or not. Besides, Wyatt will be back in two days to clean up the mess.

And that’s what I do. I’m “the cleaner.”

When I walked into the division Friday afternoon, there were sixty-eight – SIXTY-EIGHT! – unassigned jobs waiting in my queue. Not all of them were for my squad, but roughly half were ours. I have no idea what the replacements were doing while I was off, but I assume they were watching YouTube videos and doing crossword puzzles.

Among the unassigned jobs were, is list of importance, one robbery, one aggravated assault, three recovered autos (which were never removed from stolen status), and four missing persons (which need to be entered immediately). Of course there were also the usual domestic assaults and fraud jobs, but every of those previous jobs needed to be assigned the moment they arrived, not two f**king days later!

Worse still, the Chinese Wuhan Virus is still decimating my division, and with only four people Friday evening, guess who had to take most of the jobs? Yep, The Cleaner.

I entered twenty-six jobs before 5pm, and I found time to enter the others as the night went along. In total, thirty-two jobs were entered; just below half the total amount.

When I’m gone in 1,440 days, this place will literally come to a standstill.

5 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. The worst part for me would be knowing people think they can do nothing because when I get in I will take care of everything. Just continue with your countdown and keep your eyes on the prize!


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