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A member of the Hackensack, NJ School Board found herself in hot water when she forgot to turn off her laptop camera while she went to the bathroom.

A Hackensack School Board member who made national headlines by opposing a LGBTC curriculum has resigned after an embarrassing incident during a Zoom meeting.

Frances Cogelja didn’t realize she’d left her laptop camera on when she took it with her while going to the bathroom during the public comments section of a board meeting Monday night. Nearly 150 participants, including students, apparently saw Cogelja relieve herself.

Frances obviously didn’t know the camera was on, so I don’t see how this is a fireable offense. Hackensack is a garbage city filled with leftist a-holes, and since Frances argued against teaching an LGBTC curriculum to children, the board was obviously looking for any excuse to fire her.

A short time later, Vice President Scott James-Vickery reportedly told Cogelja: “You need to go. We’re here trying to get work done while you’re sitting on the toilet.”

James-Vickery is listed as an executive of the United Methodist Church. I guess this hypocrite jackass only practices forgiveness on Sundays.

Personally, I think Frances should have said, “Go f**k yourself. You cannot fire me for going to the bathroom.” Then hired a team of attorneys, and sued the School Board into bankruptcy. Seriously.

As it stands, she submitted her resignation the next day; which is a shame because I think she has a good case here. Also, yes I would bang her like a screen door in a hurricane.

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