Feel-Good Friday

Meet Tommy Rhomberg, a 12-year old from Iowa.

Tommy’s neighborhood was hit hard by a terrible windstorm, and while his house was left unscathed, many of his neighbors’ homes were not. So Tommy wanted to help out the neighborhood by utilizing many of the downed trees.

When a huge derecho hit Iowa in August with winds that reached 140 mph, a 12-year-old boy found a unique way to help the storm’s victims—hitting a home run for kindness. He wanted to give his friend a special birthday gift after the storm upended his birthday, too. Why not a homemade baseball bat? That was his pal’s favorite sport, after all.

This gave the enterprising tween a novel idea. What if he repurposed tree branches that had been taken down in the storm—and turned them into bats for sale? Tommy knew just what to do with some of the money raised through his efforts: It could go towards helping storm victims rebuild.

Carving bats in his free time, Tommy’s made 1,500 bats and donated over $2,500. “I feel like it’s really helping people,” he says. Of that, we have no doubt.

Well done, Tommy. Very well done.

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