His New Russian Rifle Is En Fuego!

A Russian gun enthusiast put his newly purchased AK-103 rifle through trials, and he burned through rounds like you wouldn’t believe.

This is a video of a Russian lunatic firing an AK-103 until it catches fire. And then he, uh, proceeds to fire some more. The craziest part is that this was put out by the Kalashnikov Concern, the actual manufacturer of the AK-103. I mean, props to the Russians for risking their employees’ lives for the sake of demonstrating how tough their products are.

I don’t consider myself an overly cautious person, but watching the guy constantly bash the gun to reload because it was jamming due to being on fire gave me anxiety.

The good news is the man can mow down enemies while lighting a fine Cuban cigar.

You can see this amazing(?) feat below the fold…

7 thoughts on “His New Russian Rifle Is En Fuego!

  1. Everybody who has an AK is jealous right now.
    We’ve all thought ours had a chance to catch on fire but it never seemed to be able to get quite that hot.
    Bravo to the Kalashnikov company for addressing this problem.


  2. Impressive when the shooter has to wear a ballistic vest, welding gloves, and face and head sheilds…never seen an automatic rifle go this long…


  3. What’s a liberal firing range? Is that where the rangemaster says, “CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE, EVERYONE TURN IN YOUR WEAPONS NOW!”


  4. That was highly cool to watch. I kept expecting the end of the test to be the barrel exploding. At the very end when he was only 2 MOA off, that was seriously impressive. The AK is an awesome rifle. I’m not a gun nut enough to know the difference between an AK this or that, but they are all built like a tank.


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