True Detective Stories

Whatever patience I had for the police officers in my division has officially withered away this weekend. Sunday night was very busy, and while we were trying to handle real, legitimate jobs, the children continued interrupting work.

A rookie cop calls in and wants “to ask me a question.” Now, we’ve told the officers if they have a question while on the street, they are to call their supervisor. We’re not out there, so we don’t know what’s going on at a scene. This dullard must not have received the memo.

The officer said he was on a car stop and the driver immediately told him he had a pistol in his glove compartment. The magazine was out of the pistol, but there was a round in the chamber. According to the officer, the man was very polite and very respectful. The driver had no prior arrests or warrants. Considering all this, the dullard asks, “Is this a gun arrest?”

I gave the question back to him.

“By your account, the man was polite, respectful, and told you about the gun the second you walked up to the vehicle. The driver has no wants and no criminal record. CAN you arrest him for it? Sure. SHOULD you arrest him for it?

Let me put it this way. The DA likely won’t charge him under these circumstances, because it was not fully loaded, and the man was not carrying the weapon. No, he didn’t have a permit to carry, but he was forthcoming on every other issue. You can either arrest him or not, but remember every time you lock someone up, you’re taking away that person’s freedom. Only do so if you’re sure he needs to be arrested.

One more thing. We’re not the most popular people in the world right now, and most people hate us because we lock people up for nonsense. But hey, the choice is yours.”

Guess what happened?

These asshole cops locked the guy up for a firearms violation. This is why the public hates police officers, and rightly f**king so.

(Many thanks to Mis. Hum at AOSHQ for the linkage.)

15 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. And now we have Idiots – 1 and Common Sense – 0. I’d like to say this is a “rookie mistake” but I doubt that has any bearing on his decision making. Good luck, Wyatt when it comes to dealing with these clowns.


  2. Cathy – The guy will never be polite to another officer again, and will never mention a gun in his car. This is how you lose public support.

    Ronni – No, the kid was actually proud of the arrest. He is now on “the list.” Every time he brings in a job, I give him to Diego.

    RG – He shouldn’t be on the job. Period. This is one of kids who peaked in high school and wants to be a bully with a gun.


    1. We used to be evaluated on “the average”, which was the average number of everything you could imagine. Average contacts, arrests, tickets, you name it. I called it a quota, because it was.


      1. The department will deny it, but quotas exist. They can’t force you to issue tickets, but they definitely come down on you if you don’t bring any in after a tour.


  3. Lucky to be in Georgia. I have a carry permit but it’s legal to carry in your car if you are legal to own a gun. Once I was stopped for speeding (just a little). When asked for the usual, I needed to go to the glove compartment. I told the officer that there was a gun in there before I reached. He just nodded. Another time I was in a wreck. The car wasn’t drivable so I told the Sergeant on the scene that there was a .45 in the console. He just said to pick it up at the station the next day. I did. Again, this is Georgia and I’m a painfully ordinary White guy of at least middle age.


  4. HV – We’re getting dozens of gun arrests the last six months, because the hood rats know our Soros DA won’t prosecute them for it. Most of the arrestees are career criminals, so when you see an honest-to-goodness citizen, you try to give them a break. Well, the good cops try to, anyway.


    1. We just got one of those. The DA covers a large Democrat university city/county that wants to be Portland and a small Republican semi-rural Georgia county. The Soros candidate won by 800 votes out of about 150,000 because the big county just overwhelmed the small.


      1. Sadly, that’s happening in many blue cities. We’re at 457 homicides now, the largest amount I have ever seen here. It’s because the Soros DA isn’t prosecuting shooters.


  5. Driver = dummy
    This is 2020.
    Do not say you have a gun.
    Instead immediately scream “Black Lives Matter”
    Any action taken by the cop is racist and he’ll lose his job.
    Jeez people, learn to play the game!


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