B.C. College Warns About Yellow Privilege

The University of British Columbia sent a document to its students warning them about certain privileges the East Asian community enjoy while they are on campus.

Students living in a residence of the University of British Columbia were sent a Google document on the “privilege” which East Asian students allegedly hold over African Americans and “working class and poor southeast Asians.” The document, compiled by a UBC Residence Advisor, referred to Asians’ alleged higher status as “yellow privilege.”

This may be the most idiotic, racist f**king thing I have ever heard.

The document defines “yellow privilege” as the “very real advantages to East Asians such as protections under the criminal law.” To justify this characterization, the document cites an academic paper written in 2016 by a Berkeley law student named Stephen Chang, who was the editor-in-chief of the Asian American Law Journal and an editor of the California Law Review.

Wow, I’m old enough to remember the “yellow privilege” Japanese Americans enjoyed while being sent to internment camps. Thanks, Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

According to Chang, “Asian-American groups must recognize yellow privilege in order to more honestly participate in a larger community of social justice by recognizing our own internal privileges, while also recognizing the limits of our privilege in a white-dominated society.” His argument has gained little attention since its publication.

Probably because Chang’s entire premise is bullshit. Look, many East Asian families have a very strong work ethic, and instead of drinking beer and playing video games all day, they actually study. Often. Americans with ties to India are the same way.

Hard work is not “privilege,” because anyone can work hard to achieve their goals. The problem with this racist yellow privilege claim is clear: it assumes inner city students don’t get the “breaks” Asians do, even though many people work their way out of the ‘hood to become productive, successful citizens.

The administrators at this clown college just believe the inner city thugs should also get the “breaks,” while they sit home, smoke weed, and shoot their neighbors.

6 thoughts on “B.C. College Warns About Yellow Privilege

  1. My son and his family live in British Columbia and as liberal as you think some are here in the US, BC liberals put them to shame. And, their taxes are through the roof and everything you buy from groceries to appliances are taxed. My son got a new washer and dryer and they charge a “use” tax that is paid on top of normal province taxes when you purchase things.


  2. Ronni – It’s a shame because the place is supposedly beautiful. Canada is really heading hard left, and I sincerely don’t know why the peasants aren’t revolting over things like these.


  3. What gets me is the original Mr Sulu was one of those in the internment camps & will to this day defend FDR, and curse the R president (can’t remember if it was Reagan or Bush 1) that signed off on the $20K compensation that he received for being stuck in the camps.


  4. My “white privilege” was having to work at sixteen to help support my family, enlisting in the US Navy and learning a trade, getting a degree and using my experience and training to get ahead in life. In short, working my butt off for the last fifty-four years and not doing dope, breaking laws, or being stupid in life.

    I have nothing but respect for most Asians that work like I have done.


  5. MelP – George Takei is one of the most deranged leftists on Twitter. Dude made an entire career out of Mr. Sulu, and honestly, he wasn’t a great actor.

    TX Nick – I worked at my elementary school in 8th and 9th grade, moving desks and cleaning the rooms during the summer. Worked my way through high school and college by working at a neighborhood deli, and bounced around odd jobs after college for three years because the economy sucked so bad.

    Spent all that money getting though college and the best I could do was police officer. But yes leftists, tell me about my “privilege.”


  6. I’m sick of hearing about ‘white privilege,” mine started at age 9, selling seeds and Christmas cards door to door, working at a dairy farm taking cows to pasture at 0430, and bringing them back to the barn at 1630, paper routes from age 11 to 15, babysitting from age 8, working on the chef’s staff at the Grove Park Inn age 15-18, working for the DOT from 18-21, working part-time jobs through med school & residency doing H& P’s, then working 55-110 hours a week for 45 years as a board certified anesthesiologist…don’t throw that White Privilege crap in my face…


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