Let’s Sell New Mexico Back To Mexico

New Mexico, a garbage state with a garbage governor, has hired “intimacy coordinators” to work with the New Mexico Film Office. Apparently our betters in Hollywood don’t know how to kiss a costar or finger-blast a female lead.

According to NMFO, intimacy coordinators are a fairly new category of industry professionals who work on productions to create a safer environment on set for actors performing in scenes involving physical touch, nudity, intimacy, and simulated sex while also assisting the director to achieve their creative vision.

Yeah, I can do that for free, and would probably be better with hands-on training than some clown who couldn’t cut it as a Gender Studies major.

The New Mexico Film Office states that intimacy coordinators advocate for the safety and well being of factors and become involved in the production process during prep to make sure there is transparent communication and expectations between the creative team and the actors.

Additionally, intimacy coordinators are also available as a resource to the director and can provide assistance with choreography and movement coaching if requested. The training program is a 16-week course of online training and a weekend choreography workshop pending COVID-19 restrictions.

So, my prediction is this will be a monumental disaster. Instead of seeing amazing sex scenes like Mulholland Drive, we’re going to be force-fed scenes similar to “movies” like Showgirls.

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